Guest Post: Gifts That Go Full Circle

Christmas has always been an important time for me, not particularly because of all the gifts – don’t get me wrong they were good too – but more because of the dark nights, warm fires and many a magical movie that would pop up on the TV.

So now that I have my own little boy I want to live vicariously through him and introduce him to all the childrens gifts and baby products that were popular when I was young and somehow continue to be today. That is, whilst I sit by the fire and watch movies.


Thanks to an anime styled revival my beloved Thundercats have come hurtling back on to the small screen. I remember a time when I was younger that, between Ghostbusters and The Turtles, there was nothing in the world more important to me than finding out what Lion-o was up to next week. The best thing about the show and the reason you should also pick up these figurines is that the show is filled with important life lessons like friendship, leadership and the desire to never give up, which is why I remain a fan of the show to this very day. It is also the reason why, when my wife isn’t looking, I put it back on the TV.

Audi R8 Spyder

 Boy has technology improved since I was a kid. I know that I had a miniature car a bit like this but I had to move around using my feet. LIKE A FLINTSTONE. How archaic. Now if I were to have had one of these electric Audi R8 Spyders I think I might have been the happiest boy alive. Unfortunately technology didn’t permit it and I’ve been forced to live out my dreams watching my son drive around like a pimp and hope that in future he might be inspired to buy a real one.

Mr Potato Head

It’s not so much that I liked this toy, but I did have one, and I think most of you out there did as well. I’m sure you know that every Mr Potato Head came with its own set of ears, eyes, shoes, a hat, a nose and a mouth with the original plan to stick them into a real potato to make it real. Talk about cost cutting. Now, though, the toy comes with a plastic body and has been joined by his nagging love interest Mrs Potato Head. They remain best known for their role in the Pixar’s Toy Story but even managed to have a short lived TV show in 1998.

All in all, these gifts show me up to be the type of person that buys gifts for themselves and then passes them off as presents for other people. I do hope though that my son might take on my childhood favourites and turn into a little carbon copy of me. But isn’t that what we all hope for?

Merry Christmas.

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