Tommee Tippee Wrap & Go

 tommee tippee Wrap & Go  

Price:  From £ 4.99

Available from:  Widely available

Suitable from:  birth

Initial Reaction:  I was intrigued and really pleased to be testing the new Sangenic Wrap & Go system from tommee tippee as I’m constantly changing the nappies of my twins when out and about.  The design looked great and the nappy bags had a wonderful aroma, so I immediately found a home for it in my bag.

Pros:  Pleasant aroma to the nappy bags…and that’s about it.

Cons:  Oh dear where do I start.  Having read the easy-to-follow instructions, when I was out with my boys and all ready for a nappy bag, the dispenser didn’t easily allow me to pull one out easily, making me feel extremely frustrated and even more hot and bothered than I normally get when changing!

Despite numerous attempts to secure the top of the dispenser it came lose constantly, so much so that I decided that the best thing I could do was to ditch it altogether and just use the bags.

Sorry tommee tippee, I love most of your products but this one caused me real grief and wasn’t at all convenient.

Value for money? No

Overall Reaction:  A product that I can survive without.

By Jenny

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