Bumpeez  Bumpeez Booster Foil Pack

Price: £2.99

Available from: Amazon 

Suitable from:  3 years

Initial Reaction: Bumpeez come in a brightly coloured packet. They are a fun toy consisting of a soft rubber disc into which you can put different card “people” pictures. The disc can be thrown or rolled providing plenty of harmless fun. Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies consist of a piece of clay and cardboard cut outs to accessorise your monster.


  • Good price for a pocket money toy
  • Make good stocking fillers
  • Bumpeez are collectables and come complete with an album for all the “people” so good to give to children as a special treat.



  • Took a bit of getting used to what the toys did but good fun finding out!

Value for money? Great value for stocking fillers!

Overall Reaction:  Fun toys to keep children amused. A twist on the ordinary and something I can see lots of friends loving too so they could swop, play together etc.

By Louise

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