Yeoman Warder play ‘n’ wear

Yeoman Warder play ‘n’ wear

Price:  £19.99

Suitable from: Starts from 2 years

Available from:  Historic Royal Palaces

Initial Reaction:  When it arrived I was impressed with the look of it, though BG was confused as whether it was playing in or sleeping in


  • Good size
  • Top is nice and long ideal for the cold weather
  • Can be used as both play wear or PJ’s
  • Washes and dries well, not colour fade.


  • We found the whole you can sleep or play in it confusing. When I get BG ready for bed I want her to calm down not run around playing.

Value for money? It’s ok

Overall Reaction:   As either PJ’s or a dress up outfit it is great but to use as both can be confusing for the child.

They are comfortable to wear and BG prefers them as PJ’s.  They look great and are well made

They would make a great gift.


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