Discover The Extreme World Book (the discovery channel).

Discover The Extreme World Book (the discovery channel).Discover the Extreme World (Discover the World)
Price: £17.99
Available from: Amazon (£9.17).
Suitable from: 4

Initial Reaction: My eldest son has a very scientific mind. He is always wondering how things work, why things happen etc. So when I was asked to review this book I knew it would be perfect for him. I wasn’t disappointed.
Pro’s: A fantastic resource for children with inquisitive minds.

Con’s: None.

Value for money: I think this book is reasonably priced as it really does have masses of information so will be useful to a child (or adult) for years.

Overall Reaction: The book is divided into six sections. Active Earth, Ultimate Machines, Awesome Animals, Super Humans, History Revealed, and Incredible Science. Each section containing masses of information on its topic. The lay out of the pages is great. Their are loads of pictures and text to support the pictures. It really does pull you in and hold your interest.

Even I enjoyed it and I’m not normally interested in science or history. I thoroughly recommend this book.

 By Ella 

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