Air Hog, Vectron Wave

Air Hog, Vectron WaveAir Hogs Vectron Wave

This spaceship shaped Vectron shoots spinning through the air! Control it with the palm of your hand or fly it back and forth between two people using the catching stick.

Price: RRP £25

Available from: Argos (£19.99), Debenhams (£22.50), Toys R Us (£24.99),  Tesco Direct (£19.46)

Suitable from: 8+

Initial Reaction: Easy to set up but important to read instructions


  • interesting twist on a classic catch game
  • lots of fun
  • can be played in and outdoors


  • Unless the instructions are read fully, it looks like the Wave is faulty as it flies up to the ceiling all the time – operator error as opposed to Wave’s

Value for money?  Yes

Overall Reaction: Fascinating how the Vectron Wave works. My boys, aged 10 and 8 found it fascinating and enjoyed playing with it both inside and outside.

 By Karen

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