Poynt app for android.

Poynt app for android.

Price: FREE

Available from:  Market

Initial Reaction: Took seconds to download. The app locates where you are and gives you the option to choose from Businesses, Restaurants, Cinema, Venues or Events nearby. It also tells you the current weather where you are!


  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Great for searching what is happening around you if you are on holiday or not familiar with what is happening around.
  • Good choice of searches available and gave extra information such as reviews, genres etc.
  • Tells you the distance to the cinema, venue etc. in kilometres which is useful in seeing how close it is. It also tells you the direction ie NW, SE etc!


  • It didn’t seem to sort the results in any kind of logical order ie nearest to you.
  • Its reliability depends on where you are and what you are looking for. I don’t think it can be relied on 100% but if definitely a useful point of reference if you are without any other information.

Value for money? Great! As it is free you can’t really complain.

Overall Reaction:  It is definitely a useful application to have to hand though still needs bit more work to ensure it returns the information you need.

By Louise

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