Rubik Race for iPad

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Price: £1.49

Available from: App Store, itunes

Suitable from:

Initial Reaction: I wasn’t really sure what the game was but when I opened it up the instructions were very clear. It luckily doesn’t involve doing anything with a Rubik cube and instead is based on a spin off board game.


  • Three games you play against a timer; time attack, play & pass (multiplayer up to 4 players on the same iPad) and arcade. I enjoyed the arcade mode best.
  • Effectively you move around “tiles” to create the same pattern as shown at the top of the screen.
  • The app records your time and also how many moves it took you to complete.
  • If you do really well you go onto the leaderboard!
  • You can unlock “perks” to swop tiles around, erase from the board or change their colour.
  • Would keep you amused for a short time.


  • Interface looks a bit dated although perhaps is intended to look retro. It did unfortunately give the game a dated feel though.
  • Dragging the tiles was a little slow to respond which got a bit annoying.
  • It is a fun game but not massively addictive.
  • Quite annoying background music – sort of europop! This can be turned off though.

Value for money? Yes it is worth it if you like puzzles like this. It would kill time on a boring journey and keep you amused.

Overall Reaction:  I wasn’t massively taken with this game although it is quite good fun. I think the main thing that put me off was the colours (Black background with the primary colours associated with the Rubik cube) and the game play isn’t so compelling I would rush back for more. It is fun though if you are looking for a change!

By Louise 

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