Tweekaboo app for iphone

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Price: Free

Available from App Store

Initial Reaction: This app (and website) is designed for recording those special moments you record on your phone into a online journal of your child’s life.


  • Private social network so you chose who can view photos/videos.
  • Photos, videos, texts can be uploaded from your phone on the go.
  • Perfect to use from when you are pregnant and as can keep a pregnancy/bump journal!
  • Can even save texts you got sending congratulations on child’s arrival into the system.
  • It doesn’t matter if your child is now 2,3, 4 etc as you can use photos you already have and put them onto the network.
  • Plans to enable the system to print yearbooks, greetings cards etc directly from your album
  • It is all totally free!


  • None

Value for money? It is free so absolutely worth giving a go.

Overall Reaction:  This app is a great idea, particularly for new parents. Definitely worth giving it a go and if you have any issues the developers are still working on it and would love to receive feedback

By Louise

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