Pokémon The Movie: Black: -Victini and Reshiram’ and ‘Pokémon The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom’

Pokémon The Movie: Black: -Victini and Reshiram’ and ‘Pokémon The Movie: White – Pokémon the Movie: Black & Pokémon the Movie: White (Double Pack : Includes Pikachu bonus game card) [DVD]Victini and Zekrom’

Price: £9.69

Released on: 9th April available on pre order from Amazon

Suitable from:  Age 7+

Initial Reaction: My 5yo was very excited when I told him we had the new Pokemon film to watch (honestly not sure if he knew who that was but it sounded exciting to him!)


  • Comic strip cartoon film
  • Fantastic graphics, colours and strong imagery.
  • Great action scenes (which little boys love!).
  • This is the 14th Pokemon film (all of which have been high grossing film in Japan where they are made) so clearly there is a huge demand for this type of cult film.
  • The film has some positive messages in it about never giving up and trying your best.


  • Personally I found the storyline quite complicated to follow but I think a true Pokemon fan would not have any troubles J
  • The two films are basically the same story but the two main characters reverse roles so you don’t need to watch both.

Value for money? If you are a Pokemon fan definitely this a  must have. Both films are essentially the same story with a slight change so you don’t need to get both. It is a great action cartoon film for young boys (or older boys who have grown up with Pokemon!).

Overall Reaction:  A fantastic Easter gift for any Pokemon fan!

By Louise

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