Earth Friendly Baby Daily Calendula Care Cream

Earth Friendly Baby Daily Calendula Care Cream

Price: £5.49

Available from: Ocado, Ethical Superstore , Goodness Direct

Initial Reaction: Simple and pretty packaging and a great sounding product, my mum always used to use calendula on me when I was little so I knew it was good stuff!


  • Large tube, you only need a tiny bit of this cream and it goes a long way.
  • No overpowering smell and is made from natural ingredients.
  • After a bout of nappy rash from teething this really helped my daughter, best of all it doesn’t have lots of harsh chemicals in it.
  • I have also used this on my son’s dry skin and mine.


  • Is quite expensive but a little does go a long way.

Value for money? If you are after a organic and natural nappy cream then this is perfect, although it is expensive I have only been using a tiny amount and it goes on well.

Overall Reaction: I really like this cream, it is soothing on dry and sore skin and perfect for everyday use as it contains no harsh chemicals. I love the packaging it is simple and fun and the tube is a good size for keeping in your changing bag.

By Ellie

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