Reach for the Stars and You Are What You Eat books by Serge Bloch

Reach for the Stars and You Are What You Eat books both written by Serge Bloch

Price: £5.99

Available from: Amazon

Initial Reaction: Soft backed A5 sized books with a simple design.


  • Full of “life” lesson tips
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • “Reach for the stars” is suitable for all ages but probably best from teen upwards
  • “You are what you Eat” is suitable for younger children, particularly picky eaters!
  • Educational, fun and witty


  • None

Value for money? These books are great value for money and could be used over many years for children and young adults to refer to.

Overall Reaction:  The illustrations are quirky and fun and the life tips are presented in a light hearted manner making them accessible to a wide audience.

By Louise

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