Pregnancy Diary – 16 Weeks


I didn’t start blogging until my daughter was 16 weeks old and looking back I would have really have liked to have blogged my pregnancy.  The pregnancy wasn’t smooth and I could have done with the support I know comes from blogging.

I have decided to blog this pregnancy so I have a diary of it plus I know if I am going through a tough time that people are out there that have been through the same and can give me advice or just make me feel better (yes I am needy), so this is what has happened so far…….

We found out pretty early that I was pregnant, I was really fortunate to fall pregnant in the first month of trying.

I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes early so I am busy working on keeping my glucose levels low. I am on medication to help with this.

I have nausea, sore breast and fatigue in the first trimester thankfully this has passed now but it has been replaced with sciatica and heartburn!

We had the first scan and everything is fine and baby is due early February. It’s a real wriggler just like its sister.

Thankfully BG is overjoyed about becoming a big sister and has promised to change nappies and look after baby at night so that’s sorted. We both heard the heartbeat this week and she was so excited to hear it.

That’s about so far, except like last time I have a huge bump already! I am on the search for good maternity clothes.

Carol x

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