Pregnancy Diary – Week 18


We had yet another visit to the hospital this week to see the Diabetes nurse and thankfully she is happy with my blood sugars so insulin yet!!

OH got to listen to heartbeat as the consultant wanted to listen I find it so reassuring especially I am still not feeling any movements.

I need to work on my diet now BG is back at preschool as I have been really lazy and we have had too many takeaways. I have been so good on the sweet stuff but need to start back on the healthier meals.  So far I haven’t put too much weight on except my bump area, I know I am going get huge like last time but I want to minimize as much as possible. The extra weight put a lot of strain of my back & hips last time and it was hard to move around in the last 6 weeks and I can’t be like that with BG running around.

I also know if I go on insulin this will make me put on weight regardless of what I eat but I don’t want to be bigger than I have to.  The diabetes told me that they may come a time when no matter what I do I will need to go on insulin which I am prepared for as I was on it last time.

Other than a bit of tiredness I am feeling pretty good, a little bit of sciatica but nothing I can’t cope with.

Our next big step is the 20 week scan and we can’t wait. We didn’t find out the sex last time but this time we will. BG really wants a sister so we thought we would all find out together and then if it’s a boy she has 20 weeks to come to terms with it!

Me and my sister are recording our bumps on Bumps Watch please join in if you like, it has a linky and we will be doing it every two weeks.

Carol x

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