Pregnancy Diary: 19-22 Weeks

Doesn’t time fly when you are pregnant! The last 3 weeks have been a flurry of hospital appointment and scans.

I am still managing to keep my glucose levels down so no insulin yet, woo hoo! I know there will be a time where there will be nothing I can do to control it but the longer I can get away with not injecting myself 3 times a day the better.

We had the 20 week scan and all is well. The baby is a real wriggler and we had to come back later that day for the rest of the scan as it wouldn’t stop moving and they couldn’t get all the measurements. We did find out the sex but I feel really weird announcing it so if you want to know ask me on twitter or pop over to Tots 100 who did it for me 😉

BG came to the scan with us and was very excited about seeing the baby. We gave her a picture and she took it in to preschool and showed everyone, she is such a proud sister.

I am really starting the feel baby move now, it’s a fidget just like its sister.  I think it’s smaller than BG was at this stage because at BG’s scan she was big enough to kick the sonographer every time she tried to scan her.  I am hoping that this baby is not a big at BG was (9lbs 3oz) she was very a heavy bump!

I am getting slightly frustrated with the consultants, I seem to see a different one every time and they all have different opinions on whether I can have a VBAC or not.  The one this week said I would either have to be induced (which I refuse to do again) or c-section where as two weeks before the other consultant and midwife said a natural VBAC could be possible. I am just going to wait until 36 weeks and see what a consultant I get and make the decision then.

Tiredness is kicking my arse at the moment and most nights I am in bed by 9pm, I actually want to go to be an 8pm but I would probably be awake at 5am and no one wants that!

Other than that things are all good at the moment, let’s see what the next few weeks bring.


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