Pregnancy Diary & Bump Watch: 28 Weeks

I am cheating and merging my diary and bump picture today.

The last month has flown by and has not been without it drama’s! I spent 2 hours in the GP’s and 4 hours in A&E playing hunt the blood clot a few weeks back.

I went to my GP with shortness of breath as it had gotten worse over a week’s period and I didn’t feel right at all. She checked my blood pressure and urine for protein to make sure it wasn’t pre-eclampsia she also listen to my chest to check for a chest infection and it was all clear.  She then sent me to the nurse to have DVT drop test down which came back with a very faint positive so off to the hospital I go.

They tested my blood for anaemia and did a more sensitive test for DVT and it came back clear. They sent me for a chest x-ray and that was clear so thankfully no clot it was just the pregnancy making me breathless.

I saw my consultant a week later who was a little worried but after a few tests concluded that it was the pregnancy hormone causing it.  I have good and bad days with and sometimes just need to lie down and as it makes me really tired.

We started the growth scans this week and everything is fine baby is the right size. Her stomach is a little over average but nothing to worry about. I now have them every 2 weeks until 36 weeks when I have to make a birth decision.

Other than that we are all good, baby has a strong kick but that’s not a bad thing.

My bump growth has slowed a bit (thank god) but it’s still a decent size for 28 weeks.

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