Bumps Watch Special: The Pregnant Bridesmaids Edition

I have three sisters and a brother and I am the oldest (though I don’t look it). You already know that I and my youngest sister are both pregnant something our middle sister didn’t bank on when she asked us to be bridesmaids at her wedding ooops.

This meant a quick dress change a few weeks before the wedding due to the fact the original ones no longer fitted and could be adjust (Sorry!).  The other adult bridesmaid Debs wasn’t pregnant which my new Brother In Law thanked her for in in his speech, actually what he said was ‘I want to thank debs for keeping her legs closed’ its lucky I like him!

Anyway she found the perfect dresses from Phase 8 and they have these great straps which mean you can wear it in different ways.

I thought I would share some of the pictures of the day (spot the non-pregnant bridesmaid). I also had to sneak in a picture of BG and her cousin who were once mine and my sisters bumps and of course the Bride and Groom.

As always feel free to add you bump posts to the link below.

13 thoughts on “Bumps Watch Special: The Pregnant Bridesmaids Edition

  1. Rachel

    You both look lovely! Was great to read this as I am 31 weeks pregnant and being bridesmaid tomorrow, another bridesmaid is 28 weeks pregnant! So its great to see you can still look so glam!

    1. carol Post author

      Brilliant! Me and my sister are due two days apart. I feels really glam and super comfy at the same time and the dress can be used again. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Gerry Smith

    What made the day even better was that the unpregnant bridesmaid didn’t understand what the groom said to her in his speech until about 30 seconds afterwards! Her face and response was priceless!


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