Maternity Clothes Review: Jeans from JoJo Maman Bebe

The item of clothing I have struggled with the most this pregnancy is maternity jeans. I have tried several and they just don’t fit right. I need the over the bump style and I fit some of the waists are just not supportive enough and fall down a lot.

JoJo Maman Bebe sent me a pair of their maternity jeans  to try out. I choose the dark wash bootleg jeans £29.

They are really comfy to wear and fall down less than the other ones I have tried. The legs are a tiny bit long even in regular but I am 5ft 3in, a short leg version would be nice.

I like wearing these jeans; they look really nice and fit well. I have washed them several times and the colour hasn’t faded and the bump banded hasn’t twisted which I find with other makes.

The price is reasonable for a pair of maternity jeans and I would recommend them to other pregnant ladies. They do other styles including straight leg and under the bump.

A good staple for your maternity wardrobe.

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