Pregnancy Diary & Bump Watch 37 Weeks

I have been so slack at writing this diary but the last 11 weeks have been so busy between growth scans, weddings, and birthdays and Christmas it’s been never ending.

I am now on maternity leave which is really nice; I have been trying to rest and getting things ready for her arrival. I am booked in for a c/section next week so not long now until she is here!

The growth scans should that she is getting pretty big sitting on the 95th percentile, though she doesn’t feel as big as BG was. I think she will be around 8lbs (BG was 9lbs 3oz).

It was an easy decision in the end to have a c/s, they didn’t want me to go past 38 weeks and I refuse to be induced. All the midwife’s and consultants have been really supportive and have listened to what I want which is really nice.

Baby is still such a fidgety baby and made the scans quite difficult sometimes.  She has been breach and transverse, very occasionally she is head down.  All this moving is really uncomfortable.

I have no more clinic appointments with the diabetic nurse or consultant though I am having monitoring twice a week until the c/s which involves more trips to the hospital. I am very grateful to OH’s work that have moved his shifts around so we can go as I don’t drive and the hospital is 30 mins away by car and about 2 hours by bus!

I cannot fault the care I have had during this pregnancy and feel really informed and looked after.

My bump seems to have tripled in size in the last few weeks and I swear it is growing overnight.  It is getting very heavy now and makes walking a bit difficult.  Other than that and severe tiredness I feel really good. Better than I did just after Christmas when I got the norovirus!

Here is my latest bump picture (told you it was big!)

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