Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win a Lily Charmed Necklace

If you are looking for a great Mother’s Day present then I suggest you visit Lily Charmed, they make the most gorgeous necklaces.

Lily Charmed was launched in 2011 by cousins Marcus Pearce and Lucy Lee, and named after Marcus’ charming daughter Lily.

Our desire to create beautiful and original jewellery that celebrates special occasions and relationships lead us to create our unique message cards. The message card frames the charms you choose, and shares the meaning behind your gift – making it one which will be treasured forever.

We know that buying off ‘off the shelf’ doesn’t always give you the exact sentiment or message you require. So we have made sure you can make your gift even more unique by creating your own personalised message to give your gift more meaning.

You can buy readymade necklaces such as the Mother & Daughter £31, Friendship £47 and Mum £31. They come with a card and message.

You can also design your own and choose the charms you want.  I am rather loving the silver letter charms but also have a soft spot for the butterfly charm.

With Lilly Charmed you can get a unique and personal gift for your mum.

You can find Lily Charmed on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

I have a great prize for one lucky person to win for their mother; themselves or anyone else they feel should get a nice treat.

The winner gets to design their own necklace with one charm.  To enter follow the instructions in the widget below.

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96 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win a Lily Charmed Necklace

  1. olivia kirby

    My mum is the best because she helps my sister and me so much with our kids, so that we can work and be there as much as possible for the kids too. She also cares part time for her own mum. She’s a great cook and has a fab sense of humour too!

  2. olivia kirby

    She is fantastic, she helps with my children, allowing me to work and also cares for her mum. She’s funny, kind and genuine.

  3. Rachael Lines

    I cant say my mum is the best in the world, Il be honest – shes a drag on my life and nothing will ever change that she has never offered any genuine praise, encouraged prosperity or asperation – it is only through education, that my eyes have been opened to her failings.

    However – one thing I have learned from her, is that I do not want to be anything like her, I strive and strive to be a better mother to my own children than she ever was for me.

    My mother in law on the other hand is an angel, and has offered me more encouragment over the last ten years that has totally changed the direction of my life. I am blessed to have her around.

    1. Yvonne

      Rachel – my mother was not a blessing either ( see my post below) but I know I am a better mother to my own children and I’m sure you are too. We might make our own mistakes but we won’t make the same ones as our mothers!

  4. Angela Walton

    My mum is the best because even though she has retired, she still works hard as a mother and grandmother without complaining. She is my hero and someone who I can hope to be like as I go through my own life.

  5. Viv Gilbey

    Her children are her world and I know she’d do anything for any of us. She’s always been there for me, even more so of lately as last year I became a Mum myself. She’s been a wealth of information, the first person I go to for advice and of course she’s helped out with babysitting! My daughter already adores her, it’s clear to see that as well as the perfect Mum, she’s also a fantastic gran!

  6. Sarah Cooper

    My mum is such an inspiration as she always fights for what she believes in; she is not only an amazing mum to me but was an amazing daughter to my late grandmother – see what she achieved for her in this video here I’m so very proud of her, I love her more than words can say! She’s perfect to me as she not only showed me how to be a wonderful mother to my children, but also set an excellent example of what a loving daughter is as well!

  7. Emma Bell

    My mum is truely amazing as a mum and nanna, despite her own illness she is always there to help with my children, listen to me and take away lifes worries. Always there when I need her the most at any beckon call, especially when my husband works away in Afghanistan, or on some other period of time away! She’s my guardian angel !! I love her to bits, I hope that im as much a mum to my girls as she is to me… Xx

  8. sandra henderson

    My mum to me is the best simply because she never lets me down,she always helps supports and gives good advice and never expects anything in return and thats why i try to spoil her as much as i can.

  9. Carolin

    She’s always there for me and we love about the same things and finish each other’s sentences. We are so alike that not even my dad can tell us apart when we answer the phone


  10. Emma Gallagher

    After spending two decades looking after me and my brother she’s now willing to do it all again and help with the grandchildren , she must like noise and chaos.

  11. Jacqui S

    She’s sassy and suave, a real no-nonsense Mum
    With a caring heart and a desire to get things done.

    I hope I’m the same sort of Mother!

  12. miriam krutska

    my mum is one in the million because even that she lives in different country she is always there for me no matter what

  13. Liz ferguson

    Her honesty, makes my Mam easy to trust … and trust is the foundation of any relationship … if you have this, then everything else follows!

  14. Tammy Tudor

    My mum is always there to put a smile upon my face,
    whether I’m down in the dumps or just won 1st place.
    She’s so very special and sweet
    hardworking I think she deserves a treat!
    My mum’s love couldn’t be bought at no cost,
    she’s amazing and without her I’m lost!

  15. Isabel O'Brien

    She’s like my best friend, she listens without judging, she helps me through some of my darkest moments even having an illness herself, and I honestly can say I don’t think this world would be worth it without her.

  16. elaine stokes

    she has never said ‘ i told you so’ even on many occasions she had every right to do so!!!!!! but she has always been there with a hug

  17. Sue Bowden

    she has always been there for me, good times and bad, she’s more my best friend than my mum xxx

  18. Kieran Walsh

    she is the anchor that keeps this family of the rocks, all ways in the background giving support encouragement, there in good times and bad, and we all love her

  19. Emma

    My mum is unique and no-one can take that away from her. Mum is very strong minded and you can ask her for advice if you are in trouble and she will understand you. If you just need someone to turn to or to talk on the phone with, she will always be there for you. My mum is the most amazing person in the world and that is why she is special.

  20. Ellie turner

    She’s the greatest most helpful mum ever, always makes me laugh and let’s me express mysel without criticising as most parents would. She totally deserves this!

  21. Rosalind Sargent

    Sadly I don’t have a mum or Mother in law any more but they are always in my thoughts. I am a mum of 2 hopefully I am a loving, caring and a fun mum

  22. amanda davis


  23. Linda Hobbis (@Lindylulu47)

    She’s only 5ft but what she lacks in height she makes up for in stature. She’s my rock and constant support.

  24. Yvonne

    Rachel Lines – that could be my mother too. My mother did nothing to protect me when my father was abusing me. At least I can say that I am a better mother than she was. I resent the implication that all mothers are wonderful and I really struggle with Mothers Day.

  25. nicola white

    my mum is the best because she cares about others before herself, always there when we need her and always helps me if i need it x

  26. sarah gray

    my mum is the best because she is funny, smart, emotional, erratic – she very complicated my mum and totally the best. x

  27. Frances Fox

    She loves me unconditionally and never judges or says I told you so. She taught me how to be a good mum, if ever in doubt I just think ‘What would Mum do?’. x

  28. Shelley Jessup

    My mum is my best friend & my carer & my mother. We share the same sence of humour & she is always there when I need her.


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