Easter Eggs from Aldi

I do love being a blogger especially when they send me chocolate! Now that Little Miss is born and I no longer has gestational diabetes I can eat it again.

ALDI sent me 3 eggs to try out:

Choceur Flame Egg – £2.99, 350g

Choceur Decorated Easter Bunny – £1.99, 200g

Moser Roth Egg & Chocolates – £3.99, 249g

aldi eggs

They all tasted rather nice though I prefer the Moser Roth chocolate. I often buy their mini bars and they are lovely. I didn’t like many of the chocolates that came in the egg and actually preferred the chocolates in the Flame egg.

The decorated bunny looks great and would be an ideal gift for a child though it is rather large!

ALDI had a great selection on Easter treats in store now. They will also have Easter meats in soon.



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