How Do You Use Nap Time?

I am trying to remember what I did with my time when BG was first born. When she was older I used nap time to work, blog or do the housework. She was in a good routine and I knew when was going to nap.

Little Miss is 11 weeks tomorrow and has no real pattern at all. She’s a snacker and napper, taking small feeds and small naps where as BG took large feeds by now and would nap for hours.

I’m on maternity leave so don’t have to worry about work at the moment but I do have a house to unpack, house work to do and a 4 year old to entertain. If her naps were more
it would be easy to plan what to do with the time. At the moment I rush to do things before she wakes for another feed. I also need to find time for myself, to sit down have a cuppa and recharge but when I do I get that guilty feeling I should be doing something else.

So I want to know how do you use nap time. Do you do the housework? Have a rest? Or a bit of both?

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