Review: Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

A little while ago I wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding and how I was expressing milk to feed Little Miss. I was chatting on twitter about it and how I was using a hand pump and Medela came to my rescue and sent me the Freestyle to use.


Hand pumps are great if you are not pumping regularly but when you are trying to express as often as I had to an electric pump is the only way to do it.

Medela know their stuff when it comes to breast pumps and have been helping mums for years. The Freestyle is a double breast pump and research has shown that double pumping has huge benefits.

An obvious benefit of expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously is that it’s twice as fast and therefore leaves more time with the baby. But Medela’s latest research has revealed some other major advantages that further support the decision to double pump. Possibly the most noteworthy finding was that when mums are double pumping, rather than single pumping, they can get up to 18% more milk to feed to their little one.

I started off single pumping to get used to using an electric pump, it’s really simple to use. You attach the pump to your breast ensuring your nipple is in the shield correctly, you then switch it on and the first phase begins. The first phase is a quick fast pump to get your milk flowing, once it is you then switch over to phase two which is a longer, slower pump. These phases mimic what your baby does when they are feeding.

You can adjust the strength of the pumps and once you figure out your flow you can set the phase so they happen automatically.

Single pumping is easy it’s the double pumping I really struggled with. I found it hard initially with two pumps to hold them and press the buttons on the unit. I had to buy a hands free bra to help me as I just couldn’t do it. I found I still had to hold the pumps on my breasts as they become blocked when I didn’t support the breast but it really helped with the start up.

Personally I didn’t find double pumping produce any more milk, actually single pumping worked best for me. I would alternate breasts every 10 minutes; however I do know other mums who found double pumping was best for them.

The Freestyle comes with:

  • 4 Storage Bottles
  • Cooler Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Calma Teats

CityStyle Breastpump Bag

The Medela Freestyle is available from Amazon for £225.25 it will be the best money you ever spent.

The Freestyle was a godsend for me and allowed me to express for a lot longer than I thought I would be able to. Thank you so much Medela for sending it to me you have no idea how much it helped me.


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