My Favourite Holiday

The people over at sent me some rather nice Tails Cocktails and asked me to The Beachreminisce about my favourite holiday. Now I could write about my first holiday with OH but it was a nightmare or our first one as a family which was a week in Inverness in April, in a caravan (not as bad as it sounds or my first trip to America. But my favourite holiday was a trip to somewhere in Spain with my dad and my sister.

I am not sure exactly where it was as I could have only been about 5 or 6 but I remember lots of sun and fun. We spent our days by the pool and made friends with a little girl who we spent all day playing with. We splashed, swam and giggled a lot.

At night we would dress up and go to the club house where there was a children’s disco and entertainment. We would dance and play until we were about to drop and our dad had to carry us back to our room, where we would sleep soundly and do it all over again the next day.

It was a real  carefree holiday and I hope when BG and Little Miss look back on their family holidays with us they have fond memories. When you are a child holidays should be about having lots of fun regardless of where you are.

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