The Gallery: Self Portrait

I haven’t taken part in The Gallery for a very long time actually I think the last time was on my first blog which I stopped writing over two years ago.

I’m not sure what compelled me to take part this week but I felt the need to share. Now I’m being a bit greedy as I have two pictures to share.

This first one taken on a dodgy computer camera is about 10 years old. I would have been 23 and as you can see I was pretty thin with not a grey hair in sight! If you look carefully you will see a real look of contentment in my eyes. 23 was a good year for me, I started my degree, I got promoted at working to store trainer and I was out most weekends having fun with my mates.

me 2003


Having children and settling down wasn’t even a thought back then, the aim was to finish my studies and get a decently paid job. At this point in my life I wasn’t even sure I wanted children and I certainly wasn’t looking to settle down and have a relationship.

My second self portrait was taken about 6.30 Sunday morning.

me 2013

As you can see I am squidgyer around the edges, got a few extra lines and quite a few more grey hairs. I also have a baby attached to me something I have gotten very used in the past 4 years. ! If you look carefully you will see a real look of contentment in my eyes. A lot has changed in the past 10 years; I have settled down and had two children. I rarely go out and I spend my days changing nappies, feeding children and attacking the never ending washing pile. I wouldn’t change my life for the world. It’s not a glamorous life but it’s my life and I love it!

Pop over to Sticky Fingers on Wednesday to see the rest of this week’s Gallery pictures.

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