Review: Aroma E.S.E Coffee Pods

Yesterday I reviewed some glasses and showed you my lovely latte I made well in true blogger fashion I made it with coffee I was sent to tastes test!

E.S.E Coffee pods are go straight into your compatible espresso machine, I have a DeLonghi and they fit in there perfectly. E.S.E pods means there is little mess and no waste which can only be a good thing.

They come in four different flavours Boost , Bounce, Buzz and Buzz lite. I tried all of them liked bounce the best it’s quite creamy and makes an excellent Latte.

All you do is put the pod in the area you would normally put your coffee. I found that I need two pods for a decent sized latte. Then once it’s done just pull the pod out and throw it away or pop on your compost bin.

Aroma Coffee

I really like these and would buy them myself. They cost £6 for 18 which is 0.33p per espresso or £22/23 for 100 which is 0.23p per espresso.  You can get a free trial of 4 pods you just pay the p&p of £1.

Aroma also make coffee for Senseo Machines.

2 thoughts on “Review: Aroma E.S.E Coffee Pods

    1. carol Post author

      So much cheaper than buying a latte from a coffee shop. I don’t have one everyday either


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