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I had a lot to choose from this week. I could have filled the page with pictures of our new baby or our new home but I didn’t.

One of the great things about our new home is the huge garden which has a green house and raised beds already there. We did some planting in our old house but now we have an opportunity to grow more.

We planted some pumpkins, basil, sunflowers and calendula seeds a few weeks back and they have already started to grow. This weekend we planted salad leaves, tomatoes and sweetpeas and planted out the sunflowers which are looking nice and strong. We have some out of the front of our house in an old butler sink which was left behind and some are in the back garden.

We planned to do more but it started raining and we wanted to plant straight out into the soil.

Now I don’t confess to being a a gardening expert but we are doing ok so far. Here are some of our new additions to our garden and kitchen windowsill. 

The Gallery New

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  1. Kelloggsville

    Oh good for you. I’ve not even started yet this year, it’s just been too miserable to get outside.


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