Nappy Review: ASDA Little Angels New Arrivals

When BG was born I got sucked into branded nappies, I was sent lots of vouchers and thought ASDA Little Angels new Arrivals Mini Nappies - 42what a bargain. However when I started to compare the prices even with the discount it was clear to see that own brand nappies were cheaper to buy.  We started testing them and found that most were just as good if not better than branded nappies.

We use own brand nappies with Little Miss though we hadn’t tried the ASDA yet as there isn’t one near us. When they asked if we wanted to try them out we said a big yes.

We were sent a pack of Little Angels New Arrivals Mini Size 2. You get 42 Nappies for £3.55


  • Fitted well
  • No leakages
  • Stayed on
  • No drooping
  • Cheaper than branded nappies


  • OH thought that were too bulky, though that wasn’t a problem for me

Price wise against other supermarket brands they are comparable.

I like using these nappies; we had no issues with them. Little Miss was kept dry and they didn’t leak what else do you need from a nappy.

Supermarket branded nappies are the way forward.

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