What Can You Do with Plenty Super Strong?

You have probably seen the adverts for Plenty Super Strong, Jaun Sheet (I know!) running around shouting about our strong it is. Plenty asked me to test it out and well I was intrigued to see if it lived up to the claims.

I was sent along with the Plenty Super Strong a bag of shopping which was very well received!

Plenty Super Strong

The first thing I noticed about the Plenty Super Strong is it’s not as thick as I was expecting however don’t let this fool you it really is strong. It takes a lot of pulling to rip a sheet in half. Plenty Super Strong has a specially bonded structure to make it super strong even when wet.

We put this to the test, here is the thing we did with it:

  • Cleaned the bathroom – I normally use wipes or cheap J cloths I can throw away. I have a thing about reusing cloths I have used in the bathroom I just can’t do it and don’t get me started on toilet brushes.  They held up really well, I used one to clean the sink and bath and one for the toilet. They didn’t rip or turn to mush.
  • Cleaned roasting pans – I hate when you scrub a pan and the stuff stays on your washing up cloth meaning you have to put that in the washing machine and get a clean one. I decided to use a piece of Plenty Super Strong to clean them. Again it held up well and cleaned the pans nicely.
  • Cleaning the garden toys – The sun came out so I got some of BG’s garden toys out and they were filthy from last year but with a little elbow grease and a few sheets they were soon super clean.
  • Cleaning the windows – I normally use kitchen roll to clean the windows but have to use quite a few sheets. With Plenty Super Strong I only had to use one per window and they were streak free.
  • Mopping up wine from the fridge – A bottle of fizzy wine exploded in the fridge. 4 Sheets of Plenty Super Strong soaked it right up.
  • Took it on a Picnic – We took a few sheets on a picnic and we used it a napkins, to wipe sun cream off our fingers and to soak up BG’s spillages.
  • Mop up spillages – We used it several times to mop up spillages caused by all of us, you need to use less than standard kitchen roll.

I found the Plenty Super Strong to be a great product; I have actually bought another roll and will buy it again. I am a bit mean with it and it can’t be used for any old thing, OH keeps wiping his hands on it! It costs £2.70 a roll so it’s not cheap but you do use less than a standard kitchen roll. It’s like having a roll of cloths to hand.

Big thumbs up from us.

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