Weight- Away Diet: Week 1

I have done my first full week on the Weight-Away diet and to be honest it’s been pretty easy.  The first few days I felt quite hungry but I think that was more of mental thing as I ate well and regularly.

The food is really nice there was only a few things I didn’t like; the Apple and Cinnamon Rice, the salted popcorn and the sour cream potato bakes. So I substituted my snacks for something of equal calorie content. However the sweet popcorn is really good and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

As I am on the 1500 calorie diet I get to add 75g of wholemeal bread to my lunch and 125g of cooked pasta or rice or a small jacket potato to my dinner plus veggies and a piece of fruit with my breakfast.  I also get a 400ml milk allowance but most days use about 300ml

I had three meals a day plus two snacks one of which was a banana and some almonds or brazil nuts and the other a weightaway snack or one of my substitutes.

This is what I ate this week:


Oatmeal with Apple & Banana plus an Apple

Butternut Sweet Potato Soup and 75g Wholemeal roll

Beef in Ale with carrot and onion, jacket potato, green beans and broccoli.


Oatmeal with Caramel plus an apple

Pea and Ham Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Salmon and Pea Risotto, Baby Sweet corn and broccoli


Original Granola Crunch and fresh pineapple

Tomato and Basil Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Pork in Honey and Mustard, rice, green beans and baby sweet corn


Apple and Cinnamon Rice and a Banana (I then swapped the rice for an alternative cereal)

Chunky Veg Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Lancashire Hotpot, Baked Potato and peas.


Tropical Muesli and a banana

Butternut Sweet Potato Soup and 75g Wholemeal roll

Beef Meatballs, pasta and salad


Oatmeal and Strawberries and an apple

Pea and Ham Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Wild Mushroom Risotto, cauliflower, carrots and green beans


Oatmeal and Plum and an apple

Tomato and Basil Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Salmon in Spinach & Tomato, Rice, sweet corn, broccoli and carrots.

weightaway food week1

My favorites so far are the Granola and the Mushroom Risotto they are so good!

Ok weigh in time. I was really shocked when I weighed myself this morning that I actually went to Boots after dropping BG off and weighed myself there but they were correct.

Last Wednesday I was *whispers* 16st 12lbs. Today I am…..


Yes that’s right I have lost 6lbs this week! I know the first week of a diet generally sees a large weight loss on previous diets I have lost 4lb in my first weeks but this huge. I am expecting this to steady out and will probably lose 1 -2lbs a week going forward.

It just goes to show how much food I was eating before to have such a huge weight loss. The 5k Race for Life on Sunday helped as well.

I feel better already, have much more energy. For the first time in a long time I am actually having my 5 a day and drinking plenty of water. I have also had two portions of fish this week which is unheard of!

This week I will only be doing the Weight- Away  plan until Saturday as Sunday I go on holiday. I will be trying my best to eat well when I am away but there might be a few treats! I will try and do a weigh in Sunday morning before we go but if not I will do a weigh in when I get back.

Weight- Away  are doing a special offer at the moment buy one get one free on the monthly hampers, see the website for more details.




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