Growing Our Own

The old owners of out new home left us with some gems in the garden. A greenhouse, a veg plot ready to plant, 3 rose bushes and a baytree.

We dabbled with growing our own in our old house and had some success but with a much bigger space we can grow a lot more.

So far we have planted basil, parsley, salad leaves including rocket, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, mange tout, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, onions and pumpkins. I hope it all grows!

The basil, salad leaves and parsley are ready to pick so we have been enjoying them. It all tastes so much better when you have grown it yourself.

BG loves growing things and she has planted some sunflowers, sweetpeas and calendulas as well has helping us with the veg.

OH also found a poorly looking mint plant in the garden which he potted and its thrived so now we have fresh mint.

I can’t wait for the rest to grow.

Do you grow your own? What are your success’s?

One thought on “Growing Our Own

  1. Barry Z. Ramirez

    Salad leaves and rocket: For salad, try a Speedyveg mix (Suttons seeds) – these can go from seed to crop in just a few weeks. A nice rocket to try is the Wild variety from Franchi. Both can be grown in a large pot (30cm) of compost, a growbag or in well dug ground in a sunny spot. Always choose peat-free compost to protect peat bogs, which store vast amounts of carbon.


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