Why Breastfeeding Awareness Weeks Makes Me Sad

This week is Breastfeeding Awareness Week which a great thing, mums and mums to be need to know there is support and advice out there for them. However when I see the tweets and the FB statuses about it all it does is remind me that I couldn’t breastfeed my children and its makes me feel sad and guilty.

I have written previously about my experience with my girls. Neither of them would breastfeed, I expressed as long I could so they they both have some breastmilk. I know I did my best but it still doesn’t stop me feeling guilty that I couldn’t last longer or maybe tried harder to get them to fed from me.

Sometimes the guilt all but eats me alive. Then I get angry that twice I failed to breastfeed my daughters. I find myself defending myself for formula feeding them, even at times when it’s not necessary. I feel people are judging me, my guilt making me paranoid.

I try to bury these feelings but every now and then they rear their ugly heads.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing but not everyone can do it whether that is physical or mental reason. I find we are spilt into two camps ready to battle when it shouldn’t be like that. We are mothers and should be supporting each other no matter what.

I take comfort in the fact that I have two happy and healthy girls, even if I couldn’t breastfeed them.

Doesn’t stop me feeling a bit sad this week.

8 thoughts on “Why Breastfeeding Awareness Weeks Makes Me Sad

  1. kat_rocket

    I totally sympathise. I had guilt that I didn’t feed my first child and guilt that I didn’t BF my second child for as long as is recommended. This compounded with the guilt of having to have 2 sections. I know these weeks mean well but they can get a lot of women down a bit and it just becomes unhelpful and people feel they have to defend their choices which is wrong in my opinion. A little while ago I made a conscious decision to let go of the guilt because really I was the only one who was making myself feel guilty. I let it all go and I honestly don’t think about it much anymore. We’re on to the next phase of their childhoods. What happened in the first couple of years just seems like a dream. No point living in the past. Making sure they are healthy and happy right now is important rather than worrying about things we didn’t have control over back then. But again, I completely understand your sadness x

  2. simplyhayley

    Although I’ve successfuly breastfed my second son I can totally understand that guilt and how it eats you as six years on I still battle with the guilt that I wasn’t successful with DS1. I look back and think of all the things I should have tried, could have done, should have caried on trying for longer etc and it still eats me knowing he didn’t get that experience. In some ways being successful with no2 has made me feel even worse about no1. I know where your coming from, but just remember as long as they are loved and cherished bottlefeeding can be just as much of a great bonding experience xx

  3. whitelilygreen

    Oh no, you must not feel guilty – which is actually a ridiculous thing for me to say because I did the same thing to myself. You haven’t failed anyone, thats for sure! I breastfeed baby girl and I feel privileged that I was able to. I wasn’t able to feed my 1st child and it didn’t work out with my second either. I have both, bottle fed and breastfed and firmly believe the best way to feed a baby is the way that makes both mum and baby happy.



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