Weight-Away Diet: Week 4


I have a really good week on the Weight-Away Diet  this week. I stuck to the diet 100% and really upped my steps. I did 58,366 steps I am aiming for 70,000 this week.

I have started to switch my food about and have mains for lunch and the soups for tea just to vary what I am eating. I bought some 1 can spray oil so I can have roasted veg and make potato wedges instead of a jacket potato.

I can really see that I have lost weight this week, my stomach is much smaller than it was. I no longer look pregnant.

Right down to business you just want to see my weigh in results. Well I now weigh……..

15 stone 13 lbs 

That’s a 6lb loss this week and 13lbs over all! I am really chuffed I am now under 16 stone and have almost lost 1 stone. My next hamper of food arrived Saturday so here goes month 2!

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