The JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo Challenge

“I have been invited by the JOHNSON’S® Baby team to try their product and blog about it. They have sent me a free sample of the product and some additional bath time toys as a gift. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.”

We all know that bath time can be a nightmare and hair washing is the worst bit. BG went through a stage where she wouldn’t let either me or Oh wash her hair only nana could do it! JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo because it’s been specially developed to turn the tears of hair washing horrors into lots of bubbling fun, with its easy rinse foaming format.

JOHNSON’S sent BG a Hair Washing Hero Pack which included the Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo, a frog mirror, wall stickers (which OH said we weren’t allowed to use) and Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo an easy rinse cup.

Johnsons 2

BG then had to complete three challenges:

Challenge 1: DIY Fun Factor

This easy-to-use pump and foam shampoo means that your little one can wash their hair all by themselves! Give it a go together and see what bubbling fun you can have.

Challenge 2: Funky Foam Fun

Use the fun frog mirror to see what kind of funky foam hairstyles your toddler can make with the shampoo and enjoy the funny moment together.

Challenge 3: Rinse Ease

With light conditioning ingredients, the easy rinse formula washes out quickly and easily and will be even more fun for your toddler with the flexible rinse cup and wall stickers in your Hair Washing Hero Pack.


BG had lots of fun washing her hair. The pump is easy to use and BG was very happy the foam was pinkish.  The foam went on really well and BG liked making the different hair styles.

Rinsing is normally the part where is goes wrong for us but NG was excited to do it herself. She didn’t get on well with the jug but used the shower head and rinsed it all away.

Her hair was squeaky clean afterwards.

BG (and I) would recommend the JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo to any child, its easy and fun to use.

Thank you JOHNSON’S, challenge complete!



One thought on “The JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo Challenge

  1. Brenda G. Vazquez

    We recently received some lovely new products from JOHNSON’S to review. I don’t tend to use any bath products on my kids as they do suffer with eczema however JOHNSON’S is the one brand that I will use for their hair and if they ever want a bubble bath. I love the smell of their products and how gentle it is even on their skin. In our box we received some of the JOHNSON’S Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo, some of their bath wash, some of their baby wipes and a flexible rinse cup to help rinse the shampoo from their hair. The new shampoo comes as a foam so it is easy for your kids to rub into their own hair. Miss C likes to be quite independent so this was great for her. The push down dispenser was easy for them both to use too. It smells lovely! Miss C did need quite a bit for washing her hair which I don’t find when I’m using JOHNSON’S regular shampoo but Wee Z didn’t need too much since he has short hair.


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