Our Big Night In With Money Supermarket #SP

Money Supermarket asked us to take part in their Big Night In Competition and gave us £50 to do it.

Pre children a big night in would include lots of alcohol, a takeaway and a few movies and would go on to dawn. These days we are a bit more sedate and decided to have a family big night in.

We did this last night. I know Thursday seems a strange night but I and BG normally go out for cake and chocolate milkshake on a Thursday after her last day at preschool for the week. We decided on a pizza and games night.

We bought Dragon Chase which is based on Room on the Broom from out local book shop for £9.99. We then went to Sainsbury’s to get out goodies for the night. We got pizza bases, toppings, dough balls, salad, ice cream bowls, ice cream, squirty cream, cherries, chocolate sauce, ice cream, popcorn and some beer and spent a total of £40.02.

That makes it £50.01 in total.  The game, bowls and ice cream fixings can be used several times so we can use them for more family nights. We used potatoes we already had for wedges.

OH went to pick BG up and I set up the table with the game ready for their return. We played it twice and had lots of fun. We don’t often sit down at the table to play games together but we will do from now on.


They then went to play in the garden while I got things ready for dinner. We then choose the toppings for our pizzas, BG loves doing her own. Dinner was really nice and it was lovely for us all to sit down together.


Pizza 2

We then made our own ice-cream sundaes!

ice cream

Here is mine…


Once the kids where in bed me and OH popped the popcorn and snuggled on the sofa to watch some TV together. It was a very nice Big Night In and no hangover in the morning!

Money Supermarket gave me £50 to take part in their Big Night In competition. I was allowed to spend it anyway I wanted. 

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  1. Ali

    Love a big night in as much as a big night out and you still have the game and fab bowls to enjoy again 🙂 Ice-cream sundaes look gorgeous too x


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