My Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Butlins Stay

We have been to Butlins a few times now and it’s a great holiday. With a little bit of organisation it can be an amazing holiday! Here are my top tips:

Get There As Soon as You Can

You can get on site from 12pm so get there as soon as you can and make the most of the facilities. You can use the fairgrounds, go for a walk on the beach, have lunch or play in the park. It makes for a relaxing holiday.

Book Your First Nights Meal as Soon as You Check In

If you are on the Hotel Dinning plan reserve your table as soon as you can. There was someone on the desk at The Shoreline dedicated to booking meals. They can get really busy on the first night.

Plan Where You Want To Eat

On premium and hotel dinning you can eat at different places but you must tell them the day before. So if you want to eat around then have a little plan and make sure you tell the receptionist and they will give you a place. If you want to eat at your hotel every night then I would reserve a table for each night so you get the time you want.

As part of the hotel dinning package you get a Character Breakfast book that as soon as you check in so you are not disappointed.

Book Your Shows

Some of the shows are in the Character Theatre which you need a ticket for. These are free but limited. Have a look at your entertainment guide and decide which shows you want to see and go book them straight away.

Just a few things that will make your stay a little bit easier and save any disappointment. We made our plans over coffee and cake!

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