#Review Weight-Away Diet: Weeks 7 & 8

I know, I know! It’s been two weeks since my last post things are getting busy this end now school is out for the summer. I have been pretty good and stuck to the Weight- Away diet for the most part; a few extra squares of chocolate may have slipped past my lips.

I can really see a huge difference in my stomach now which makes me really happy and the trousers I am currently wearing now swamp me (good excuse for new clothes).

The summer holidays are now upon us which means days out for us. I am planning to do picnics when we can so I can pack my own food and stay on track. Being out also means more exercise so I am hoping that will counter balance any ice cream calories I might consume J

If you have any low calorie meals or snacks let me know.

Ok for the big weigh in, I did weigh myself both weeks I just forgot to blog last week.

I now weigh…….

15 Stone 9lbs!

That’s a 2lbs loss over the last two weeks and 1 stone 3lbs overall. I am more than happy with that, a 1lb a week is what I am aiming for.

1lb is a bag of sugar which when you hold one is quite a lot.

Bring on next week!



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