Two Copies of Unbored to be Won

How many times have you heard ‘I’m bored’ already this holiday? Well I have the solution for you; you need a copy of Unbored.

Unbore yourself and your children with this fun and practical compendium of the very best in independent, creative and pioneering activities – encompassing science, adventure, music, reading, games, gardening and DIY.  Grown-ups are encouraged to join in, and kids can train them to be a ninja, find hidden treasures and glamp.

Packed with handy illustrations, extracts from classic novels, gross facts and interviews with inspiring grown-ups, Unbored covers all kinds of surprising and useful topics, such as the top clean rap songs, stop-motion movies or books about rebellion.  Just as kids begin to disappear into their screens, here is a book that encourages them to use those tech skills to be creative, try new things and change the world.  The holidays have never been so much fun.

I have two copies to giveaway and because the holidays have already started this will be a short giveaway!

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70 thoughts on “Two Copies of Unbored to be Won

  1. Kirsty

    My favourite thing to do in the summer was swimming (not really but the person above said reading and I didn’t want to look unoriginal)

  2. James Seale

    I used to have a ‘raid’ with my friend Neil. A bin lid as a shield and we stood at opposite ends of the croft near our houses throwing stones at each other and blocking them with the bin lids.

  3. karen hill

    playing out with friends . tick , stuck in the mud , etc all the child hood favorites.
    thanks for the chance to win this x

  4. Hannah Hughes

    I loved visiting my grandparent’s farm (and staying without my parents) – loads of yummy food, milking the goats, driving the tractor, and playing in the hay barn!

  5. Darlene Ovenstone

    Going to the park and making dens, I also used to like it when my granny put the massive paddling pool out, had fun for hours 🙂

  6. debbie jackson

    when i was about 10 my mum used to let my sister and i get a day ticket for the local busse’s then we would just hop on and off at different towns. It was great. We saw places through the city that we had never seen before. Oh how things have changed, I would never allow my kids to do that nowadays!

  7. Becci Cleary

    Playing Kirby – one child stands on one side of the road (on the pavement) the other child on the other side and you have to throw your football/basketball over the road and hit the other persons kerb and bounce the ball back for a ‘goal’ 🙂

  8. Gareth Bennett

    I was a typical lad, i was on my bike by the river most days or fishing on the tiny bit of canal i could fish in.

  9. michelle bennett

    I used to go scrumping for apples! There used to be a bowls club down the road from us and it had a HUGE field with apple trees and some strawberry plants- turned out it was someones garden but we would take some apples and sit on the bowls club roof watching people play. Was kind of nice, i was abit of a tomboy and spent most of my preteens up a tree 😀


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