#Review Weight-Away: Weeks 9 & 10

*hangs head in shame* I have been a very naught girl, I basically went off plan last week. At the end of the week before I was poorly so I had a few days where I didn’t eat much and then a day or two were I ate what I fancied. I weighed myself and I had stayed the same which I was pleased with.

We went away this weekend and what I should have done is stuck with Weight-Away until we went away but I didn’t. I treated the whole week as a holiday and I have paid the price.

I weighed myself this morning and I am….

16 stone

Which means I have put on 5lbs which is terrible all that hard work down the pan. So I am back with a vengeance. I have decided to the the 5:2 plan which means for two days of the week I fast and only have 500 calories. Weight-Away is perfect for this because of the calorie controlled meals I can have 3 meals and still be under 500 calories. Today is the best day for me to have my first fast day as I have had a filling this so I am all numb and can’t eats much!

Fingers crossed this works for me.

Has anyone else done the 5:2 diet? Any tips?

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