£50 Room Makeover with Blinds Supermarket

I love a challenge so when Blinds Supermarket asked me if I wanted to take part in the £50 room maker over challenge I jumped at the chance.

We moved house at Easter and have quite a bit of decorating to do. I had a think and decided that the living room needed a little help. We had new sofa’s from Harvey’s arrive a few weeks ago and they are lovely but need a little pep.  We still have the flooring to do and the walls to paint but that will have to wait as we are having solar panelling put in first and then under floor heating.

The living room was looking cluttered with toys and sparse at the same time. I wanted some cushions for the red sofa, a new clock as the one I have doesn’t fit with the red and brown colour scheme, a new light shade as the one we had well to be frank is horrible. I also needed a new table lamp as the one we are using is going in our bedroom.

It didn’t take me long to spend the £50 and I did that in two shops.


Cushions £6.50 each (£13.00)

Flowers £3


Trunk £11.99

Light Shade £9.99

Clock £5.99

Lamp £4.99

Total £48.96

What do you think?

It looks much neater now and has a bit more personality. I am going to spray paint the trunk white and we still need a new coat of paint on the walls and the flooring but I am really happy with the results.  OH still has the wires to move but he building me so more shelves so they will go behind them.

The flowers look much better that the red twigs we had and I think the clock looks really good. The light shade gives the room a warm glow. The room is coming together nicely.

I was given £50 to purchase the items and take part in the challenge. 

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