What Can You Make With a Cricut Mini?

That tittle should probably say what can’t you make? I could tell you but I will show you what I have been making with my new toy.


This machine is amazing. You can make amazing cards, gift boxes, cupcake wrappers, personalise t-shirts, bags, decorate your walls, decorate jars, gift cards and the list goes on. I made the first Hands Off My Crochet bag and friends wanted them so I ordered some more plain bags to make them.

It is so easy to use. You design what you want in the Cricut Craft Room which you download on to your computer. You then put your card or vinyl on the cutting mat, feed the mat it into the mini and press cut. You can cut different layers and all sorts of shapes.

You can buy extra packages with different designs in either as a download or as a cartridge you plug into the machine. You can also buy the vinyl and iron vinyl in a selection of colours..

I have so many plans for my Cricut Mini. Family and friends are getting personalised bags for Christmas. I’m going to label all my jars and BG is having Hello Kitty Vinyl’s in her room once it is painted. I will never have to buy a card again!!

The Cricut Mini normally costs £120 but its £99 on the Cricut shop at the moment.  Design downloads start from £9.99 and you can also buy accessories for your machine.

I am truly in love with mine, I have a list of projects to do. As I complete them I shall share them with you either on here or on www.lipstickandlace.co.uk  where I will be writing about decorating my home.

*Whispers* I have designed a Royal birth inspired baby vest and it’s been entered into a competion. If you want to vote for my pop over the Cricut Facebook Page.  Mine is design number 1.

Thank you in advance


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