Sponsored Post: Walkers Mighty Lights Crisps

We love crisps in this house but we don’t have them very often. BG doesn’t have them daily, actually neither do I. They tend to be a treat for us and we buy a grab bag  and share for lunch rather than having multipacks at home.  Walkers have launched a new ridge crisp called Mighty Lights and they have 30% less saturated fat than their standard crisps.

We were sent a bag of each of the three flavours ready salted, roast chicken and cheese and onion. They arrived just in time for a visit to my sister’s holiday caravan so we took a pack along for lunch. The crisps wend down very well with both the children and the adults, BG’s favourite is the Cheese and Onion, and I rather like the roast chicken. We found they have plenty of flavour but they were not as overpowering as some crisps can be.  You get a decent amount in each bag so we the children shared a bag rather than have a whole one to themselves .  Me and BG have done that a few times now split a bag between us with lunch.  They got big thumbs up from everyone and we only used on multi pack up which meant we took some home.

They are handy for picnics of which we have had many this summer and they pop nicely into our lunch bags.

The new Mighty Lights have no artificial colours and preservatives and are made with real potato. They are lower in saturated than there standard crisps 0.5g per pack which is relatively low. The salt content is a little high for my liking it’s almost ¼ of a child’s daily allowance (4-6 years 3 grams per day).  However if you are going to choose crisps than these would be a better option, alongside some healthy options.

We do really like these crisps; they taste good and are lower in fat than other crisps. However I won’t be putting them or any crisps in BG’s lunch box. I know what would happen she would eat them and not eat any of the healthy food I put in. I prefer to keep crisps as a treat in my home and save them for the weekend.

We were sent 3 packs of Mighty Lights to try and compensated for our time. All views are my own.

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