BG’s Next Big Adventure

Next Monday BG starts school and I am so excited about that for three reasons:

1. BG needs constant entertainment. She’s not one of those children who will sit and colour for hours on end, she had the attention span of a gnat. I try to encourage to play by herself but after a few minutes she’s back to wanting me to play with her. Now I love my child but I don’t want to play with her all the time, it’s hard enough to get everything done around here. She gets up at 6 am and it makes for a very long day. I think the routine of school will be good for her, there will always be something for her to do.

2. I am looking forward to some proper one on one time with Little Miss like I had with BG. I never planned on being a SAHM or a WAHM but I’m glad I am. I have been there through all the major milestones and spent quality time with my daughter. I know get to do the same with Little Miss. They are both winter babies so I get an extra year of them at home with me. We shall be off to play groups, coffee mornings and the park.

3. This is the most important reason, BG is excited about going. At almost 5 years old she is ready for the challenge of school. She is bright and bubbly and will fit in so quickly. She is aware it’s a big step and has already told me ‘ I might be shy to start with Mummy but once I know them all I’ll be ok’ and I know she will.

So on Monday when I take her to school for the first time there will be no tears or sadness just smiles and excitement for BG’s next big adventure.


3 thoughts on “BG’s Next Big Adventure

  1. Lynn Hogg (@More4mums)

    That’s lovely she is ready to go, males it so much easier for u both. you never know though you might find you have a wee bit of dust in your eye when she dances off without you for her first day – I know I did and never expected it 😉

  2. Mummylimited

    MM is the same. Needs a lot of attention and stimulation and I’m so looking forward to one on one time with my littlie, he’ll only get 5mo before baby comes. Still, I think I’ll sob when MM runs into school.


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