Kids Capture the Colour Competition

Throughout the Summer Travel Supermarket have been running a Kids Capture the Colour Photograph Competition. Children have to capture the colours red, blue, green, yellow and white.

They were also offering the first 100 blogger’s that applied a digital camera to take the pictures with. We were very lucky to be one of those bloggers! So BG got a new camera and got snapping,

I had to resist helping her take the pictures and editing them afterwards. These are the pictures as BG took them:



Many of our pictures are from the garden. BG went crazy and took 100’s of the. She does like to get quite close to the things she is taking a picture off.

This is one of our red roses.



Another up close picture this time of our garden bench. I rather like the way you can the garden through the slats.



BG is very proud that we have managed to grow pumpkins this year. We have several bright orange ones and two that are still really green. She really likes the green ones.



We came down one morning and the sky was this beautiful yellow colour. BG grabbed the camera and took this picture.



We had a few options for white. We had some fluffy white clouds and some pretty white flowers and then BG saw this tree when we were out for a walk. She was fascinated by its white bark.

So there you go BG aged 4 entry for the Travel Supermarket Kids Capture the Colour Competition. There will be category winner for each colour and then an overall winner.

You can find full details of the competition here 

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