The World’s First ‘baby thrill-o-meter’

The world’s first ‘baby thrill-o-meter’ was unveiled recently to capture and measure the thrill experienced by little ones when they try new and different foods.

Created by baby food experts Ella’s Kitchen, the study provides a unique insight into babies’ physiological reactions when they try a variety of different fruits, vegetables and spices.

The bespoke thrill-o-meter measures babies’ Galvanic Skin Responses to different foods and revealed mango and cinnamon as the most exciting ingredients for little ones, closely followed by lemon and coconut.

This video is brilliant:

Top 10 most exciting tastes for babies:


1.       Mango

2.       Cinnamon

3.       Lemon

4.       Coconut

5.       Banana

6.       Papaya

7.       Red pepper

8.       Apricot

9.       Sweet potato

10.     Carrot


BG loved pear, parsnip and sweet potato.

Little loves mango, sweetcorn and kiwi.

What do your little ones like?



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