My Perfect Christmas Day

To be fair we have never had a really terrible Christmas Day. There have been a few that I could easily forget like the one when I cooked my first Christmas meal and didn’t defrost the turkey in time. Or the one where I had to work serving Christmas meals to grumpy people in the pub I worked at the time.

This year will be a special Christmas it’s our first as a family of four, we are in our new home and we are cooking for the family and I can’t wait. However I can’t help envisage a perfect Christmas of course I have set myself up to fail but even if half of it happens I would be happy.

My perfect Christmas starts with both girls sleeping to 8am (a girl can dream).  Snuggles in bed followed by opening our stockings.

We would then have a yummy breakfast of scrambles eggs, bacon and croissants with a really good coffee. After getting dressed we would then sit down (with Christmas music in the background) and open our gifts. The children will love everything they are given and no one will be disappointed.

The children would then play nicely while we prep dinner and wait for the rest of the family to arrive.

It will then be a flurry of Christmas kisses, present opening, eating and drinking.

Our Christmas dinner will be a triumph and someone else will clean the kitchen!

The rest of the afternoon will be spent playing games, watching films, eating and drinking in front of the fire.

Everyone leaves happy and full. The kids go to bed and me and OH snuggles in front of the fire with a glass of bubbly.

Doesn’t that sound nice!

Whether or not this actually happens doesn’t really matter.  Getting to spend the day with my family will be perfect enough.

Girls Chritsmas 3

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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