Little Miss Gets a Library Card

In the last few weeks Little Miss’s love for books has grown. She has gone from walking around with them in her mouth to throwing a book and herself onto my lap so I can read for her. It is very cute though after reading the same book 30’s times it does get a little repetitive. I thought this was probably then perfect time to get her a library card.

LM Library card

I think the local library is a really important thing to have in community, its a place were everyone can go. I am really aware that a lot of our local libraries are being closed down and I really scared if we don’t use them we will lose them.

Since BG has started school we haven’t visited as often I would like so I am making an effort to go at least once a fortnight with Little Miss, ideally once a week but life gets busy. The plan is to get Little Miss some new books each time and I am going to get out a book once a month to read. I am doing #theyearinbooks on my blog and want to read more this year.

BG gets reading books from school and has a pile of books for bedtime stories we are working through so we have said that will we save her library trips for the school breaks and she can choose her own reading books. Its tough to fit in trips around school and other commitments in term time.

Our local library is really good. The staff are really helpful, there is a nice children’s area and they have story time on a Tuesday afternoon which I will take Little Miss as she gets older.

Do you use your library?


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