Review: LighterLife 5:2 FAST

I was asked if I would like to give the Lighterlife 5:2 FAST packs a try and as I really need to lose some weight and I thought I would give them a try.

I know a few people that have tried the 5:2 diet and it has worked for them. I like the idea of having all the calories worked out for you as basically I am lazy. You have 4 packs a day and that’s your calorie intake sorted. They also make sure you have the right amount of nutrition for the day.

The packs include shakes (vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate), breakfast favourite porridge, wholesome meals including vegetable soup, spaghetti Bolognese and pasta carbonara and four scrumptious bars in nut fudge, peanut crunch, cranberry and raspberry and toffee flavours.

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The food is pretty good considering most of its dried and you add water to it. The shakes are really nice and the soup is really creamy. I found the bars left a funny after taste but I am a fussy git.


So I have the food and it’s nice, all the calories are counted for me so you’d think it would be easy and I would lose weight.  Wrong it turns out you also need will power not to stuff your face when you get hungry!

I would do really well all day and then it would get to tea time and I would just fall apart. I thought only have to diet for two days a week would be easier but I’m just a greedy pig.

If you have willpower and the drive to lose weight and are looking at trying the 5:2 diet then these are great to have as you don’t have to think it about. Perfect for a busy mum!

You can find out more about the LightLighter Fast Packs here.

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